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October 31, 2012
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ACD: Alfanso O. Bibiano by DeadOnes ACD: Alfanso O. Bibiano by DeadOnes
The old version is here [link]

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Name: Alfanso O. Bibiano

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0"

Birthplace: unknown but most likely Spain

Rank: Possidente

Stats: HP 6, STR 4, DEF 8, DEX 0, AGI 2

Likes: horses, fruit, strength, useful creatures

Dislikes: cats, sweets, loud noises

Personality: To understand him, you must understand his past, and who he strives to become. He is stoic, yet short tempered. In the years as a street rat, he was forced to grow up fast. And in his years as heir, he was sheltered within the boundaries of the estate. He knew no social interactions save for his father and the servants paid to be polite to him. Due to this, he tends to act childish despite his age. This not only includes his mischievous side, but also affects his ability to handle powerful emotions, like anger. He strives to be like his father, however

Biography: From the time he could remember, he was an orphan. The early years of his childhood were spent scavenging for food, and finding a safe place to sleep. He knew nothing of his parents, or who he was. The name he was given at birth was unimportant, it bore no meaning or significance which may be why he had forgotten it so easily. The name he gave himself is nothing but a childs make up word, but it gave him strength. Though there may be some hint of memories of his mother, these memories were not detailed and became more of a dream than a truth. He had named himself, took care of himself, and cared only for himself.

Strangers were welcomed at first, to sate the loneliness he felt. But quicker than he would have liked, he learned to trust no one and that everyone had an agenda. He had to learn, adapt, or die. The street life made his heart hard, and his eyes cold. Even at a young age, he held a scowl fierce or crazy enough to keep people at bay. It was his one defense. This life was the only one he knew, until fate cross his path with an old soldier leading to him taking on the name Bibiano.

And through this man, he has become who he is today. But to truly understand him, you must understand the man who raised him.

Beneath this line is the story of the old soldier, and I invite you to read if you so wish:
Sir Alfanso Bibiano III was a realist, a soldier, a father. To shed light, if just a small portion of whom Sir Bibiano was, is to explain him as an old war horse. He had, through many trials and tribulations, become a bitter and lonely man. As he journeyed through his life he turned from the church he once embraced, no longer finding comfort he once felt within the Templar order. When young, he had been truly faithful, never questioning orders or morals of his superiors. It was only when he had fallen in love did things begin to change. The woman who stole his heart accepted his hand, and the young couple couldnít have been happier. Through her, he gradually opened his eyes to the world the order kept in veil.

Though he had only known the Assassins to be evil figures to be dealt with, as time went on more evidence revealed a different side. He had seen many evils in the name of the Templars, more than he cared for. However, what caused him to separate himself from the order was the prosecution and execution of his wife. She was a healer, and did not discriminate between individuals. This means that her patients werenít always Templars or outsiders, but Assassins as well. Her ideals and refusal to choose a side to stand with won her only enemies within the Templars. And due to her giving nature and open mind they silenced her, doing so only when Bibiano was far from her aid. Though she was tried as an Assassin supporter, he knew it to be false, for she disapproved the actions and ideals of both sides equally. When he had heard of the news upon his return from a far off mission, months had passed since her trial. He could do nothing but pay for the grave that bore her name.

In his grief of losing her and their unborn child, he became withdrawn and ruthless. None sought to comfort him, and he did not search for it. It would be years before his anger subsided and when it did he withdrawn himself from the order, quietly living out his life on the outskirts of Spain.

Two decades pass. He made his living off properties and building construction within cities close by. During the overseeing of a building project within the city of Cadiz, a worker caught a young boy stealing rations. Bibiano had stepped in to take control of the situation, separating the boy from the workers. The boys features haunted him, forcing him to think of his late wife whom he had refused to think of for many years. After years of social solitude these returning memories were welcomed, and as the boy seemed to have no home to go to, took him in as a servant in his home.

As time passed, the boy grew on him, and he considered to adopt the boy. With no heir to his estate, it was an ideal exchange, and to seal the deal Bibiano gave the boy his own name as his father had before him. The years raising the child were as fulfilling and frustrating as the years with his wife, finding that the two had much in common despite the generations between them.

Life as the son to a soldier was hard, full of rules, regulations and hard labor. These were the years Alfanso cherished the most, every waking moment a blessing. As time passed, he forgot the hardships of his life as a street rat. He idolized his new father and worked hard to be the model son, never asking question when given a task, and exceeding his fatherís expectations. However, in time he became more and more curious of his father, and he begun asking questions of the mans life before all this. When Alfanso was adopted, the man was already late in his life, and the years of unspoken history continued to nag at his curiosity. Slowly he learned of interpreted pieces of his fatherís past from the house servants. His father was a Templar, a real hero, a man of no fear. These stories sparked a desire to join the order, for his father had before him. Prior to these tales of heroics, Alfanso knew nothing of his fathers past, for Bibiano said nothing of it.

Bibiano only found misery in his son's new obsession, and fearing the boys life, he trained him in the art of combat. At first it would seem he supported his son, but it became clear that Alfanso was never to leave the estate under any circumstances, for he was to follow in his father's fortunes. The fear that one day the order would come to take his son from him, and in his eyes they were.

It took Alfanso two decades to be confident in his own abilities before he left the estate under the veil of night in hopes of becoming a templar like his father. Fear had prevented him from informing his father of his absence, and by the time Bibiano knew about his sonís location, the young man was already gone. It was shortly afterward that Templars came to the estate with a warrant for his arrest. They claimed he was a spy for the Assassins, the same allegations they had made about his wife fifty years prior. Though he resisted, he was an old man of 70, and eventually fell to their steel.

Alfanso was not informed of his father's demise until several months later. When he returned, the estate and everything his father owned was repossessed, leaving him penniless. With no money, and hatred in his heart, he sought vengeance for those said to be responsible for his fathers murder: The assassins.


Melek[link] She enjoys pushing his buttons, and making remarks that unsettle him. She breaks the boundaries of the ideology he has of women, which sparks many emotions in him. Like anger, frustration, and curiosity.

Roland[link] Though he is younger, he is a source of advice for Alfanso. They have little contact, but each conversation they have had has not been wasted on idle chatter. He would be considered Alfansoís best friend.

Equipment: 'Training Weapons'---- a mace
Storage: Nothing atm.

Current Florins: É2400

Total Florins: É2400
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